The hall maintains an extensive inventory of furnishings and equipment for the use of hirers as follows:

140   Red upholstered, stacking - view
40     Black upholstered
30     Black stacking (available from outside store)

17     6 ft x 2ft 3in (folding legs)
23     4 ft x 2ft 3in
12     3 ft x 2ft 3in
6      2ft x 2ft (solid legs)
6      2ft x 2ft Card Tables (shaky)
6      6ft x 2ft 3in, folding (available from outside store)
6      4ft x 2ft 3in, folding (available from outside store)

Other Equipment       
1       Lecture Stand
1       8ft x 8ft projection screen (fixed above front of stage) and ceiling mounted digital projector
2       4ft x4ft screens (portable)
3       Dress rails
1       Skittle Alley for hire to use in Green Room or an outside location
3       Shuffleboards for hire in Hall or an outside location
1       Wheel chair ramp for use between Green Room and Village Green

Play Equipment for hire - several items of old playgroup equipment (Tricycles, Car, Slide etc.)


The hall has a few tablecloths available - please ask the caretaker.

Crockery & Cutlery (for Hire)
120   Place settings of Dinner & Tea plates, Dessert bowls, Cups & Saucers, Knives, Forks,  Spoons  (Dessert, Soup & Tea), Wine goblets, Champagne flutes
80     Sherry glasses
10     Buffet trays
10     Cruet sets
Some serving spoons and carving knives (in store)

Download these lists here.

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