Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

From 24 February 2022

Q. What activities are permitted in the Hall?

A. All of our usual activities are permitted, subject only to an overall cap on numbers of 80 for the Main Hall, 40 for the Green Room or 120 overall. There is no published cap for the Bleaches Room, but we would suggest wearing masks and that for more than 12 you should consider hiring the Green Room.

It is up to organisers to ensure that they comply and follow any guidance from their association if they have one.

Q. I think my activity is permitted, but it does not quite fit within the descriptions above, how do I book?

A. Please contact the Booking Secretary in the usual way. We will do our best to advise whether there are constraints from the Hall's viewpoint. If you have guidance or dispensation from a recognised authority that will be helpful.

Continuing Mitigation Measures

Q. My activity involves users who are nervous about/vulnerable to Covid-19. Are you still providing support for these circumstances?

A. We are continuing to provide sanitiser and cleaning materials and we have left social distancing marks and one-way flow signage in place should hirers wish to follow a more cautious regime than that now advised. We would urge you to conduct your own risk assessment having regard to your user demographic.

Q. Is mask wearing required in the Hall?

A. Face coverings are no longer required by the regulations. However, we encourage the wearing of masks, especially in crowded spaces or corridors, unless an exemption applies to a person (e.g. for health reasons, those aged under 11) or they are taking part in an activity to which an exemption applies– an exercise class, eating & drinking, organised singing - and only whilst in the room where the activity is taking place.

Track & Trace QR codes

Q. What is the Hall doing about QR codes?

A.  Halls are now being asked to remove their QR Code posters and to destroy any records of personal data that they have kept. The hall has not taken any personal data - that responsibility fell to organisers of activities who can now decide whether and how to collect and keep contact details. If on paper it needs to be kept out of public sight and securely stored.

Q. Will the NHS COVID-19 app still be in use?

A. Yes. Yes. Our COVID Safety poster asks anyone testing positive after visiting the hall to report it using the NHS Covid-19 app.



Audio & Video

Q. Why do i need your written permission to use the audio and video at the Hall?

A. Use of the audio and video equipment involves physical contact with items that will be touched by the next users and, in many cases, that are difficult or delicate to clean and involve electrical items. We want to ensure that these items are only handled when strictly necessary e.g. if you have a visiting speaker with a presentation; and we will ask you to follow a handling and cleaning protocol. We will also know when the equipment has been handled.

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